No matter your age or skill level,

we have a program that's just right for you.

We offer a low teacher-to-student ratio to ensure all our members' needs are being met.

We believe you don't need to wait to become a black belt to learn to defend yourself.

Specialized programs

Smaller class sizes

Self-defense application

North York Karate & Fitness has two amazing Senseis - Sensei Jeff and Sensei Vanessa. They always have the childrens’ best interests at heart.

The Dojo is run in a professional and caring manner.

Each child is considered special and is given the chance to their best at Karate, no matter what level they are on."

Shoshanah S.

Parent of 3 students

North York Karate & Fitness knows how to combine traditional Karate teaching with a

warm and suppotive environment. I have tried Karate classes before,

but was never totally comfortable until I came to this Martial Arts school.

They truly care about empowering each individual to learn and explore without intimidation. I drive a good distance to come to this school because I take classes with my daughter, and we both enjoy their encouraging, supportive teaching.

I recommend North York Karate & Fitness for both children (they enjoy the instructors who are caring and strong) and for adults like me

who have always been fascinated by what the Martial Arts can do mentally and physically.”

Steffi B.

Student & parent

North York Karate & Fitness is a truly wonderful place. The teachers are true educators...

knowledgable, patient, caring, and unbelievable Martial Artists.

I highly recommend

North York Karate & Fitness to kids and adults alike.”

Judy R.

Student & Owner of Judy's Group Fitness

Jeff and Vanessa work so well with both children and adults, and I can personally say, having worked with them on a personal level, and with my son attending their Karate Dojo for nearly 4 years - it has been an incredible journey. They know how to relate to all ages and make it not just hard work, but fun. I highly recommend North York Karate & Fitness.”

Jonathan S.

Student & parent

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