Monday - Thursday

7:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Saturday & Sunday

1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

Teens & Adults Karate Program (ages 13+)

Empower yourself. Our adult program is tailored for meeting the needs of those in any walk of life.Through regular Karate training, one can reduce unnescessary stress and relieve muscle tension. Your strength, endurance, agility and coordination will also improve. By developing self-defense skills, you will feel more confident in yourself in any situation; on the street, in the workplace, or simply in your everyday life. Our classes are designed to be challenging and educational, with encouraging instruction in a safe and comfortable environment.

Teens & Adults Karate Program

60 minutes, ages 13+

“When moving to Toronto, I was looking for a Martial Arts school in and around North York. In my search, I found North York Karate & Fitness. Their website was very helpful, and their free trial class gave me much relief since I had found my new Dojo to train and delve deeper into the Martial Arts.

I have been attending North York Karate & Fitness for over 2 years and always learn something new each class I attend. I look forward to continuing my training at North York Karate & Fitness in the coming year. Thank you Jeff and Vanessa.”

Michael C.

Adult Black Belt student

North York Karate & Fitness

Where modern meets traditional...  Where philosophical meets practical...  Where hard work & effort meets accomplishment

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